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Keep Your Head Young T-Shirt

Keep Your Head Young T-Shirt

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Paying homage to the cartoon lot tees of the 80s and 90s and KEEP YOUR HEAD YOUNG phrase inspired by Owsley Stanley’s quote:

“First time I ever took it, as I was walking around I thought ‘Gee. The world looked like this when I was a little kid.’ I remember seeing the sparkling reality and three-dimensionality of things. Sort of like a renewal, every time you do it is a renewal, it is a renewal. It keeps your head young. It lets you keep that being able to accept the new thing just as easily as a kid would. Most people get all this stuff in their head like an old library, no room for the new volume to go on the shelves.”


this is a pre-order and will ship in about 30 days. Screenprinted on Comfort Colors tees. 


Wash cold, no heat tumble dry or hang for longevity.

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